How can Computer Vision Products help in Warehouses?

Muhammad Rizwan Munawar
5 min readSep 10, 2022

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We are living in the computer vision era, where computer vision solutions are evolving rapidly in people’s daily lives and are providing easiness in their lives. The researchers are spending their lives making this field more useful and helpful for not humans only but also for multiple domains, that include but not limited to agriculture, medicine, security, etc.

If we compare use cases of computer vision applications in warehouses with other areas, there are very less developed applications of computer vision applications in warehouses. So what is the reason behind and how we can use Computer vision to save multiple people’s lives in warehouses?

Fig-1.1: Computer Vision products in WareHouse’s

In this article, I will discuss the mentioned modules below.

  • Why do Computer Vision Products need in Warehouses?
  • Applications you can Offer to Warehouse Businesses
  • Why Developer will need to understand the Overview of the Warehouse?

Why do Computer Vision Products need in Warehouses?

After spending some time on research for construction work. I have found that the use of computer vision products in warehouses is very helpful as it can save millions of lives of people, that are working in warehouses. Some of the research quotes are mentioned below.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, tripping, falling, and slipping make up most of what it calls “general industry accidents.” Slip and fall accidents make up 15 percent of all accidental deaths, 25 percent of all injury claims, and — are you ready? — 95 million lost work days each year.” [1]

The nearly 40,000 reported injuries accounted for about 49% of all warehouse injuries in the U.S. according to the analysis, though Amazon only employs about 33% of all warehouse workers. 34,001 injuries were classified as serious, meaning that workers were either shifted to light duty (couldn’t perform their usual tasks) or missed time from work completely.” [2]

“According to the report, Amazon reported 6.8 serious injuries for every 100 of its warehouse

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